Recent UFO Sighting Odd Lights Over Area 51 Nevada

We were at the intersection of the extraterrestrial highway and the dirt road that leads to the main gate to area 51, near the famed "black mailbox, looking toward Rachel Nevada. My son, granddaughter, and I all saw the same thing at the same time. A small red ball/circular object dim as a star in the sky. UFO Sighting came out of nowhere and started doing crazy acrobatics at a fast rate of speed Loops Vertical movements up and down then side to side.

We watched it for 20 minutes or so then it disappeared. A few minutes later, it reappeared and started doing the same thing for a few minutes then disappeared. the moon had yet to rise and the skies were very dark. No aircraft were seen in the area and no satellites were seen either. I tried taking snapshots and video with my cell phone camera, but could not get any images or even fixate the camera on it.

Tonight, Oct 3rd, I'm watching an old episode of the tv show "hangar 1: the UFO Sighting files, season 1 episode entitled Cops vs UFOs and 11:05 into the episode is a video clip of a UFO Sighting of an object exactly like the one we saw, doing the same thing only in our UFO sighting, the UFO made more vertical and lateral movements than in the clip. Also for a 20 min period or so I was astonished and in awe. I am a trained observer. Scientist and former police officer, and my son is a private pilot and commercial aircraft mechanic. My granddaughter is in college in the medical technology field.

We know what we saw and there is no way what we saw, was a fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter, drone, balloon, light display, or other man-made sources. My son and granddaughter live in Nevada and I was visiting from New Mexico I am retired. Mutual UFO Network cms# 118425 Rachel Nevada 9/25/21. This Region has had 1,379 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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