Strange UFO Sightings and Alien Contact Reported in Portland Oregon

I am an experiencer, a UFO sighting now and then is common for me. I typically check specific areas of the sky throughout the day. I was working out in the garage, took a short break to change music, and caught a breath. looked out the garage window to see a UFO. One appeared to be gliding across the sky. I pulled out my phone before I lost track of it with the naked eye. I suspect I am making contact while unconscious or asleep, in a semi-conscious state. I have been visited before recently moved. I always lock my bedroom door. Within the last week, it's as if someone is shining a flashlight over my eyelids. strange noises and loud bangs in the dead of night. Same bruises on the body as times before. When they do something to me I always get a red dot pattern in a trail or grid-like formation and bruises. This happened a day after the sighting under my breast on the right side. mufon cms# 119906 Portland Oregon U.S 12/17/21. This Region has had 2,135 Reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

large Disk Shape UFO with lights

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