Disk Shaped UFOs

Photographed Mass UFO Sighting Over Loveland Colorado

At approx. 8:30 pm I was outside waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up. I happened to look up and noticed about 15 white light round UFO orbs in the sky coming from the east heading west right overhead. I was amazed and could not stop watching and they just kept coming and coming and would not stop. I notified my girlfriend about it via a phone call, tried to take pics and videos but my phone is not a good one (Alcatel insight). I ran into the house and ushered my mother out back to see them and as well, she did. Ran back out front to meet my girlfriend. Showed her and she was flabbergasted. We went to the store and came back (as she insisted) and the UFOs were still flying overhead all at a steady pace throughout this whole time. The UFO Sighting not in a line, all the UFOs were scattered all over the sky. My girlfriend had taken pics with her I-phone. Now it is pitch dark butt her phone has a certain setting on it that makes it almost look like it is a daytime photo, but it is not. If I had to guess how many there were, (this is a flat-out guess), I would say well over 500 as this went on for hours, approx. 2 and a half hours. These photos were not messed with at all, they are the original photos. Mutual UFO Network CMS# 118620 10/09/21. This Region has had 2,786 Reported UAP UFO Sightings to date.

Photograph UFO Sighting Over Loveland Colorado.jpg

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