Orange Glowing UFOs Following Star-Link Satellites

I was watching the star-link satellites with my son and his friend, and it was really something to behold and as the last star-link passed by heading east something else appeared and it was following the star-link flight path. It was a dull, Orange Glowing orb and just one at first, and then more followed it.

I counted well over a dozen of these things flying highly erratic if not physically possible flight paths. I have a pvs14 plus night vision device and decided to take a look to see if anything was giving off IR light and boy o boy when I looked thru it I was shocked. They where everywhere, these orbs. After showing my kid and his friend thru the scope what I was looking at they too where shocked. I thought it would be a good idea to shine a light on them, not an ordinary flashlight but an extremely powerful and expensive projector type flashlight.

Its the kind that can blind people. I proceeded to flash these orbs with the light. And they responded people. They flashed the exact same signal back to me and the light they flashed was a extremely powerful and fast light. My flashlight battery stopped working suddenly, which it was fully charged to begin with. It takes three 3.7 lI battery's. At this point it became scary though, as they all seemed to be hovering or moving more towards us directly overhead.

That is when I saw the UFO thru the PVS 14. The orb or light I was seeing, was a slight orange glow in the center of the UFO and it was a disk shaped. It hovered directly over my and my son and his friend and was descending however it was still very high up. The craft itself was extremely large, I estimated to be three or four 747 size equivalent. I could not believe it was happening and then showed the kids. They freaked out and that is when the craft stopped coming down and hovered silently. The PVS 14 also detected some sort of shimmering shield around the disc shaped UFO. I also observed smaller orb like balls of light emerge from the center light on the disc UFO.

More then one where present but further off in the distance and hard to see so we mainly focused on watching this thing as it sat in one place rotating with this shimmering field. people we are not alone and they are intelligent. I need a camera that can record low light, my I-phone is older and I have nothing to record the night vision footage thru. After all this I intend to invest some money in equipment. It was hard to see with the naked eye, a low light camera would be needed. mufon cms# 115254 Transverse City Michigan 5/09/21 Region has had 3,676 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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