Must See Colorful Magnetic Plasma UFO Photo

I was on my balcony reading on my cellphone when a shiny and relatively big white light came from my left in the sky and caught my attention. I just saw this UFO Sighting from the corner of the eye that it was glowing white on top, gas like glowing patterns and colors changing very fast under it. Since I always got quick reactions I jumped on the camera of my cellphone to shot it in 4k hdr 30 ips.

Sadly, I did not think to change it to 60 ips. I was absorbed in my screen to be able to get the clearest images from it and did not try to look from my own eyes do not know why I was just filming. UFO Sighting flew right above me. had to film with my butt on the ramp of the balcony to get the shot. I look to slowing down when it is above me but I did not record steady enough to be sure. During filming, there was a couple walking and watching the show and the guy told his girlfriend that I was filming it. They did not stay, did not spoke to me either they may not believed what was happening or just baffled probably.

The recording have some under exposition noises, but we still can see some details of the patterns. I took screenshots cleaning and zooming, we see things do not see without it. It look like to emanate a kind of magnetic field waves which looks like changing frequencies, by the fact, the colors and patterns. I heard one noise sounding like a spark and the rest I am not sure cause of the city noises, but it may had a light and irregular rumbling sound emanate from it. I posted the video and some of zoomed and enhanced stills I took from the video.  I did not do all the film, it is too much to do it in one shot. mufon cms# 118324 Montreal Quebec Canada 9/19/21. This Region has had 702 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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