More Tic Tac UFOs Reported and Captured on Video

This UAP or UFO Sighting started as a circle which appeared like a bubble, as it moved and stopped it eventually changed into an S shape to a Tic Tac shape. It also appeared to have what appeared to be plasma flowing all over it. Something I found really interesting is how it would almost go invisible but you could still kind of see it like it wasn't all the way invisible. Almost like it was coming and going out of sight. I put 2 videos up. One low quality another a little higher quality. If you slow video down, you can see more details. Sorry I didn't get more video because I actually try to communicate with these UFOs using high powered lasers sometimes. Sometimes they respond sometimes they don't. This one didn't respond. I have many more videos by the way of other UFOs I keep seeing. Love to learn more info on these UAP/UFO's. Anyways stay well! mufon cms# 116614 Jacksonville FL. 6/5/21 This Region has had 6,006 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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