Military Jet gives chase to UFO over New Hampshire

Around sunset at 8 pm on the 10th of April. I sat on my back porch enjoying the warm weather because it was a nice breeze. I was looking up toward the sky in a nice relaxed mindset thinking about the previous night's encounter of a strange light that I managed to take pictures of. All of the sudden out of n where a bright orange light overhead appeared from thin air stayed for maybe half a minute and then disappeared, I shouted at the door for my mom to come to see but by the time she got there it had gone. A couple of minutes later it appeared and seconds later a roar of a jet engine that sounded military appeared. The UFO Sighting appeared further southwest in a straight line from its first appearance. The jet seemed to be circling the area and followed the path southwest, the timing made it seem like it was giving chase to something, the object appeared one more time just in eyesight of the tree line, and then it was gone and the jet took off. I never saw the Military Jet but from the sound, it made it was putting out some serious power. The UFO Sighting itself made no noise and we have an airport not far so I'm used to hearing planes. I looked through the recent UFO Sightings reports and there was a similar sighting with a picture in New Jersey, the pictures I am providing are from the previous night which includes a strange triangle shape anomaly. mufon cms# 114899 Whitefield New Hampshire 4/10/21/ Region has had 639 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

New Hampshire UFO Photo     New Hampshire Triangle UFO Photo

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