Metallic Tic Tac UFO Sighting Reported Over Davis CA

My racing pigeons were flying around the property and while watching them I noticed a bright UFO in the sky coming from the south. I assumed that when it got closer it would turn out to be an airplane, but something compelled me to keep watching it. When the UFO Sighting did get closer I saw that it did not have wings and was somewhere between oval and Tic Tac in shape. UFO Sighting had a metallic appearance and had bright lights at either end.

This could have alternatively been reflection from the sun to the west. As it got closer it gradually changed directions and began heading east. It did not change orientation as it changed its direction of travel by 90 degrees. As it moved away the lights appeared to switch back and forth between the two ends. I continued watching it as it got further away, but I looked away briefly as the property owner’s dog had seen me and began barking.

When I looked back to the UFO it was then dark with no bright areas and after looking away briefly again I could no longer find it. I estimate the time of day to have been between 18:00-19:30 and the duration of the UFO sighting to be approximately 5 minutes. Davis CA. 8/14/21

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