Latest UFO Sighting Report Glendale, AZ

I was driving home from work when I noticed a large UFO Sighting hovering in front of me toward the west, maybe near Bell Rd and the 101. The UFO Sighting was a few miles away but I could distinctly see the outline of the UFO because the sky behind it was much darker, whereas the UFO Sighting was more grayish looking. It was moving around in no particular pattern but it seemed to be moving relatively slowly as it was hovering. I continued to stare at it for about 15 seconds, during this time it did not have any lights on it, all I could see was the shape of the UFO Sighting, which was exactly like what all the stereotypical drawings of what flying saucers look like. It was like a Disk Shape at the bottom, and then a rounded ball shape towards the top. I know it sounds crazy, and I’m not usually any kind of conspiracy theorist, I don’t do drugs or drink. I work in law enforcement and was completely sober when I saw this, so it was no! t a hallucination. After about 15 seconds of seeing it with no lights on it, I saw it slowly begin to light up gradually into a yellowish shade, but only at the very bottom of the object. At first I told myself maybe it was just the moon, as it took kind of like a crescent shape from my perspective, however the moon was in a completely different area of the sky, and the crescent shape of the moon should have been facing another way if that was the case. I kept staring at it, the light was way too big to be any kind of plane or helicopter. Maybe 15 more seconds went by, and I watched the light slowly fade and dim. Not like the UFO Sighting had flown away more like someone had turned off the light, and it slowly faded out. After the light turned off I was no longer able to see the outline of the UFO like I could before the light had come on. I think whatever it was turned off it’s light first and then decided to take off very quickly. 1/18/21 at 23:15 hours in Glendale, AZ source

Hovering UFO Disk

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