New York UFO

Latest UFO Sighting Black Rectangular Craft PA

With sodium colored lights on underside, traveling at a slow rate in a straight line, about 1500 feet AGL. UFO Sighting appeared from west traveling in straight line eastward. I am a licensed pilot and would estimate the UFO Sighting to be travelling at a steady rate about 1500 feet above ground level. Speed estimated to be 80-90 knots. UFO was a black rectangle with no flashing lights, no wings, and with no discernible sound. The UFO Sighting had 8+/- sodium colored lights on the underside.

These lights were steady and not flashing in anyway. I was unprepared for a sighting of this nature and did not have any recording equipment at the ready. My 19 year old daughter was with me. I brought it to her attention and she witnessed it as well. The UFO Sighting was not far from the flight path from the East Texas VOR to LVIA International however it did not head towards LVIA or Queen City Airport. I could see it for several miles until it went beyond my vision never deviating from its straight line course. UFO Sighting occurred on 9/15/19 over Allentown PA


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