Golden Coppery Star-Like UFO Sighting Reported Over California

The night was very clear for observing the sky and the milky way was well defined. At about 10:30 pm, after over an hour of stargazing and having seen about 10 asteroids we observed a Golden/coppery Star-Like UFO Sighting moving in a straight line well above the altitude of local air traffic. The light from the object was steady and not bright, but well observed, regardless. The UFO was directly overhead and progressed toward the horizon for about 10 seconds when it suddenly executed what can only be described as a quick series of zig zags. The rapid and extraordinary zig zagging of what we assumed was a satellite and then the immediate disappearance of the golden/coppery starlight UFO before it reached the horizon gives the impression that we were not looking at a satellite, but rather a UFO Sighting. we left the park shortly after. mufon cms# 117445 Joshua Tree California 8/15/21. This Region has had 11,662 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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