Floating Black UFO turning luminous red reported Illinois

I was outside at around 4:00 pm, going for a walk. I noticed in the sky ahead of me there was this Blackish-Brownish Orb, just kind of sitting in the sky. Not really going in any direction side to side, but possibly moving a way from me because it looked like it was getting slightly smaller. If I had to guess the size I would say some where around 5-10 feet in diameter. At first I thought it was just strange, probably some kind of balloon. I thought I would take a picture.

But then I became awe struck as the UFO started to turn a luminous red, like if you turned an electric stove all the way up and the coils turned red. The whole thing didn't turn red at once, it started to come from the side and work it's way around, like the gold visor on an astronauts helmet. Then the UFO Sighting started turning back into it's matte black/brown color. This whole occurrence was probably over a 10-15 second period. At that point I grabbed my phone and hit the power button twice to quickly open the camera app. It was on photo mode, and I wanted to switch to video to capture the UFO Sighting changing colors.

Unfortunately I don't use the camera app and fumbled around for like 2-3 seconds trying figure out how to switch. When I looked back up it was gone. Not a trace. My logical explanation is that I saw some kind of balloon or small blimp. Maybe it was half black with a red side and the sun was hitting it just right as it was rotating I can't recall if I could even see the sun at the time). I did a little looking around on google maps, and there are 2 schools around where it happened.

I checked them out and they have events and camps going on. so maybe it was some kind of kids science project. But the black-brown portion didn't look like it was reflecting much light if any. And the red side didn't look like it was reflecting light, but giving off light. Also, in 2 or 3 second the object was gone. I don't know how fast a blimp or balloon that is tethered descends, but it would have been very fast. mufon cms# 114635 Vernon Hills Illinois 4/06/21 Region has had 2,716 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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