Disk Shaped Orange UFO Sighting emitting a beam

While taking photo's of the sunset, I notice a Disk Shaped Orange UFO Sighting emitting a beam. I started filming and have 4 minutes of video. In the UFO video the whole sky is red or orange, the UFO is the disk on the left, looking to the right are three clouds in line. All the objects are brighter than the surrounding sky. The 3 clouds inline with the disk fad within a minute and a half. This is part of the siting. This is in my opinion a wormhole event, showing the UFO Sighting that is creating the wormhole and the three clouds are some kind of power exhausting from the wormhole. The wormhole can be seen to the left of the disk which at times can be seen emitting a beam of unknown power to create a wormhole. I realized what I was seeing when it was almost over. I looked back at my photo's and found what might be a black triangle aimed at what becomes the orange disk, so I will include that. I have watched the video many times and it is an amazing puzzle to say the least. mufo cms# 114819 Boardman Oregon 4/01/21 Region has had 2,049 Reported UFO Sightings to date. To View this UFO Sighting Video click here

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