Daytime UFO Sighting Photo California

I witnessed this UFO Sighting while walking the county park, at first they were almost directly above me floating downward, at first I thought they were hang gliders, very strange. The UFO Sighting moved away to the north that is when I decided to take some pictures with my mobile phone, expecting to see hang gliders but I was a little shocked when I saw the pictures. There was with no sound, no props, no lights and floated up and down like like and fast like hang gliders, there were several UFOs 5 or 6 maybe more. They were not hang gliders, I do not believe they were drones. One of the pictures I zoomed when I took the picture so they are more clear, round saucer shaped with a circular dome under the saucer, in that same picture there is another cigar shaped object to the left above the trees. There are more pictures but the objects are very small and you have to zoom a lot to see them, look like dots at normal resolution. They moved up and down and kind of fast but not airplane fast, they morphed as they moved very strange and weird. At one point they were on the same height lined up and equally spaced then they separated some went up and some went down or another direction, move the same general direction NE to North and one by one they simply disappeared, I did not see anything drop to the ground they disappeared like they moved into the clouds but I did not see them do that they just were gone! there was a couple behind me who I think we're scared, after the objects first appeared the couple behind me apparently moved away, I didn't see them leave. Very strange still not sure what these objects were. mufon cms# 117287 Laguna Niguel California 7/24/21. This Region has had 11,643 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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