Cylindrical Shaped Tic Tac UFO Sighting Seguin Texas

I was traveling west towards San Antonio coming from Houston Texas on i-10 freeway approaching Seguin Texas city limits when I saw a Large Shadow being cast over the freeway as the object crossed over my SUV. I was able to see what cast the shadow as I looked outside driver's side window. It was a Cylindrical Shaped UFO with 6 legs underneath that had a similar look like the now famous tic tac UFO. UFO Sighting was traveling at a high rate of speed. mufon cms# 115206 Seguin Texas 5/7/21 This Region has had 6,271 documented UFO Sightings to date. Click Here for more Updated UFO News & More  Photo is a depiction of reported sighting.

Cigar Shape Tic Tac UFO

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