Cigar Shaped UFO Reported During Flight Restrictions post 911

In the days following the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center, air traffic around the country had been shut down and only gradually reopened in the following days. I was attending school in southern Connecticut at the time, less than an hour's drive outside of NYC. on 9/11 itself we were all sent home, but the school continued as usual in the following days. It was two or three days later (sometime between 9/12-9/14, forgive the ambiguity it has been a long time since this happened) when myself and several friends were playing outside after school around 2:15-3:30 pm EST. we were in an open grass field behind our school when we looked up to the west inland and saw two separate UAPs several minutes apart. the first was a long silver cylinder that hovered perfectly still in the sky. It appeared to be at least a mile away in the sky, hard to say what the size or scale was. Imagine a plane with no wings, completely immobile in the sky. we ran to tell our parents because it was unusual. since it was just sitting there, we lost interest, and a short while later we were out in the field playing again when one of us looked up and noticed that there was something else in the sky. A white cube had appeared in the sky, in a similar location to where we saw the silver cylinder. it drifted downward, almost like a piece of paper would swoop down left to right, but very slowly, taking about 10-15 seconds per arc. We thought it was someone parachuting at first, but then, like the cylinder, the cube froze and stayed perfectly still in the sky. this cube hung in the air for many more minutes and eventually we lost interest in watching this too. my father worked in NYC at the time. he was so disturbed to hear that something was in the air when all air traffic had been grounded, he had me file a police report with Greenwich PD at the time. So there's a record somewhere, hopefully. I haven't tried to contact anyone about digging up that report. mufon cms# 119263 Greenwich Connecticut UFO Sightings occurred on 9/13/01 was reported on 11/17/21.

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