Broad Daylight Disk Shape UFO Sighting Changed My Life

As the 2nd anniversary of my UFO Sighting approaches, I've decided to report this. I wrote this in the days following my UFO Sighting. the following story has had a major paradigm shift in my life. as an aviation professional (resigned 10/2021) I consider myself a trained observer from training and job history. My intelligence quotient scores of 146 & 148 have placed me in the top 1% of intelligence. this is combined with my proficient knowledge and expertise of civilian and military aircraft, flight characteristics, meteorology, space programs, astronomy, unmanned flight ops(UAVs), camera systems, entomology, ornithology, life experience, etc. I held a valid US FAA and USCBP security clearance cleared by the FBI. I've had access to many restricted areas. Some of my responsibilities are to make prompt, effective, safe decisions for the flying public and employees. I respond to many FAA security concerns and am a liaison between the flight crew and law enforcement. as a security and safety professional within the FAA environment, I have been trained to observe and document as I see no matter the difficulty of understanding. as a child, I was always interested in aviation and the sky. I had family members in the aerospace sector. a close relative was the chief mechanic at the world's largest airline during that time. I watched the sky over the years and knew everything that flew over my head; military, civilian, prototypes, experimental aircraft, satellites, etc. I was able to distinguish, ac(aircraft) from birds, bugs, meteorological events, and so on. I could even tell you the specific aircraft just from the sound. I've been to 100s of airshows and witnessed multiple shuttle launches in person when I worked on the space coast of Florida. UFO Sighting so on 11/11/2019 at 1531(331pm) I know what I saw. (my phone timestamp is 1531) it flew directly overhead. the temp was about 56f, calm winds @ 5kts, and no ceiling. Aircraft and objects traveling NNW to NW. the skies were just beautiful. The UFO (saucer) was behind the aircraft. It was trailing a commercial aircraft and I couldn't believe it. I know this flight path. I lived here my whole life and have always watched the aircraft come over my home before they turn for final into JFK airport. this day wasn't different. I was raking leaves in my yard as a jet aircraft got louder as it came overhead. it sounded a little different than normal so I looked up at the ac (aircraft) to see the livery. the aircraft in the area is low enough to see the design on the tail. they are usually between 1500ft and 2500ft. this particular ac was in the 1800ft range and identified as flight ei111 Boeing 757. So again, as I'm checking it out and it had something I noticed immediately. A circle craft, around 30 feet off the rear of the tail. It was directly behind it. It was a saucer no doubt and instantaneously my life changed. It had every characteristic of a saucer UAP. I watched it as it paced the ac at the same speed. If the Air Lingus 757 wanted to tow a disk this is what it would look like. This UFO Sighting overhead did not deviate a hair, it was frozen in place the same distance from the ac and silent other than the normal jet sound from the 757. It was about the size of a large SUV if I had to guess based on the size of the ac compared to the craft. As a trained observer I tried to look at all the angles, shapes, sounds, colors, lights, etc. The sun was very low in the sky. I noticed no reflection or lights and it was dark matte grey in color. I saw a bit of blue sky between the UFO Sighting and the aircraft so I know it wasn't attached even if that was possible. I watched it for about 15 seconds then I ran to get my wife who was in our home. we came outside about 15 seconds later and I looked up. We watched it fly off to the east unnaturally. Like watching a mouse icon on a computer screen move fast across the screen is how I can describe it. It was out of sight at a speed where I couldn't track it with my eyes(15/20 vision) and stopped instantly about half a mile away which I did not know. I only know this because I finally grabbed my phone and recorded 6 seconds of empty sky other than the commercial jet. it flew away as I grabbed my phone. months later I reviewed my footage frame by frame and did see the anomaly. it was very hard to see. immediately after the sighting, I started my research. I checked: all AC traffic and have Air Lingus over my home at the exact time I stated. FAA recordings and heard Air Lingus speaking w ATC at the time. No mention of anything strange. Suffolk county Long Island police dept.1st or 2nd precinct recordings Nassau county police 1st, 4th, and 5th precincts. Local fire dept. radio transmissions. I got nothing! I have been a part of military refueling in the past and this was no tanker filling an aircraft. I thought of that immediately and ruled it out. It was a dark grey plate. it was also definitely an EI 757. Another fact is that the military doesn't refuel over heavily populated areas in non-combat situations. there are over 1 million people where this took place. Also, strange why no one else reported anything. Then thinking well, it took me 2 yrs, maybe someone feels the same way? I also have footage of myself and my wife looking up to the sky pointing at my CCTV but nothing interesting. It hit home that we are not alone. Yea I've seen things way up at night with night vision and unexplained lights, etc. but this was different, I can describe everything about this craft, color, sound, etc.. this was 1st time looking up has ever startled me. the image of that craft flashes in my mind every time I look up. It was scary yet powerful and mind-opening. If what I witnessed is real, what else is possible? I was skeptical of paranormal, UFOs, etc. but now I'm open to the reality of anything. This is a strange planet full of things we do not understand. Things we are told exist and things we are told that do not exist. Make your educated guess. Mutual UFO Network cms# 118896 Reported UFO Deer Park New York 11/11/2011. This Region has had 4,241 Reported UAP/UFO Sightings to date.

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