Tic Tac Shape UFO Sighting Reported North Dakota

A white Tic Tac shaped UFO Sighting was in the SE corner of North Dakota within a mile of the South Dakota border. it hovered in a stationary position for approximately 20 minutes and extremely slowly moved in a straight line from the SE toward the NW direction. Tic Tac UFO remained high in the sky maybe around 500 ft. just under cloud cover. It appeared while our group engaged in shooting various types of guns for target practice out in the rural countryside. At least 4 people observed it, and some commented on how it couldn't be a balloon due to the wind and how it remained stationary. It obviously wasn't an airplane or helicopter as it had no visible wings. It looked round or like a smooth tic tac shape. I did not observe any lights, though it did appear to blink when I zoomed in while capturing video footage. mufon cms# 116117 Hankinson North Dakota 6/07/21 This region has had 205 Reported UFO Sightings to date. An Audio File was submitted with report

Tic Tac Shaped UFO

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