Floating Hovering Reflective UFO Sighting Reported

I was alerted by my wife of UFO Sighting floating above us at about 1:44 pm Casa Grande Feb 22, 2021 UFO Sighting was headed ne very slowly then stop floated around in small area of sky less than football field 10000 feet looked to me like a balloon my wife thought reflective watched UFO Sighting float around like feather while my wife went to get camera UFO appeared to get lower turn soft white like cotton ball wife came back out couldn't find in view took picture of nothing I saw UFO float straight up flatten out turn silver and vanish we have date on blank photo thought strange after hearing about pilots account also looked up on internet to see if other saw it right after but no one is talking saw two planes when I witness this next day Blackhawks. mufon cms# 113832 Casa Grande Arizona 2/22/21 Region has had 3,516 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO floating sphere

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