Black UFO Sighting Circle Top Saturn Like Rings Reported

I went up to the roof to gaze at what looked like two blinking stars. I had my binoculars with me and I was looking to my left and then toward the ocean. I live across from the beach and over the water I saw blinking lights. I decided to go home and as I turned around I saw a bright not blinking object with a yellow light just hovering over a building. I started to walk toward that end of the roof and was looking through my binoculars as I saw the UFO Sighting start approaching me. It was not making any noise and I started to see the shape of it and it was so close I saw it in detail. It was Black with a black and Saturn like shape where those rings ( the ones the planet Saturn has ) I saw those rings very clearly. I saw lights around the UFO Sighting ( not around the rings). I got very scared and ran to the door to tell my husband. I am not sure if my building has cameras but I would love to find out. mufon cms# 112546 Brooklyn New York 12/02/12 Region has had 4,018 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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