Black Triangle UFO Sighting with Alien India

The Black colored UFO Sighting emitting red color light like beam without noise. It's moving slowly and scanning the land silently during the hours from 7 pm to 8 pm approximately  I know about Airplanes moving over my head daily but it's not like that. The space ship lights are not blinking  just like a beam out of the ship and three red beams of lights below two red beams, all 5 red lights are behind the space ship it's a Triangular Shaped Black Color Object. I think radar scanner near by airport can't detect it if yes, we'd would have read it in news papers. After 1 year of incident, I saw 2 small flying saucers over my head during the night time later on, I found an Alien after 3 am at local place the Alien is like dark orange color horse having wings behind its back. Within a minute, it's disappeared out of my sight in the dark. After that, corona hit the whole world. All these things are taken place in last 3 to 4 years. I sent messages via comments to Georgio History Channel. He narrated some stories about ancient aliens and I didn't get any reply from him. I found MUFON on ancient aliens program and I'm personally witnessing the UFO Sighting and Aliens. I didn't record anything because it's happened by accident. mufon cms# 110415 Chennai Tamil Nadu India Submitted report on 7/26/20 Region has had 51 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Photo Depiction.

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