UFO Seemed to be Hovering above our street Eyewitness reports

UFO Sighting had blinking lights which showed the silhouette of a Disc like object with a domed top. The lights seemed to be blinking in some sort of specific way. But did not seem to be a pattern on repeat. It hung in the sky as we stopped in the middle of the road to watch this immense object. Everything seemed eerily quiet. The vegetation was still and the crickets and cicadas were not singing like usual. Suddenly the UFO Sighting began to move almost like it was driving up our road heading south. When it did move it was very slow and unsteady. I have never seen anything like it. We see planes all the time. This was very different. My husband commented after he had never seen a plane going in that direction and he is right. We live not too far from a major airport and the planes go east and west above our house usually . I have never seen one take that path. Not to mention the creeping speed it was first moving at. mufon cms# 111063 Angola New York 8/15/20  Region has had 3933 Reported UFO Sightings to date. This UFO Sighting was captured on a cell phone see video here

pink UFO Flying Saucer

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