Detailed Description of UFO Sighting over CA

It was a bright, breezy morning on May 26, 2021, 7:48 am. with no clouds in the sky. I had just dropped off my sister at a surgical center located on top of a high hill in San Rafael, CA, about 25 miles north of the golden gate bridge. I drove out of the underground parking garage to the parking lot where I positioned the car facing south to better see the incredible view of the valley below. The lot was deserted except for one car. Looking out I could see cars on the distant freeway below, the hills behind it, the mall and buildings closer to me. I got comfortable, hoping to rest a bit while I waited for her. Then I looked up to see the valley and to my total shock straight out in front of me was a huge Missile Cylinder Shaped UFO just hovering there in the air. Nothing had been there an instant before! it seemed fairly close. It faced me with the nose angled slightly away and down about 5-10 degrees.

The UFO Sighting had no flashing lights, no sound, no windows, no exhaust, no smell, no movement, no entities. The nose was rounded and came to a gentle point. I couldn't see the back end of it. The side facing northeast reflected brilliant white morning sunlight so bright it hurt my eyes to look at it. The top and southwest side were white and looked to be metallic with thin, widely spaced lines encircling the entire UFO Sighting. These looked slightly embedded into the surface. This side was in shade and I could see it had the same lines pattern although towards the bottom there were more very closely spaced lines which gave it a darker grayish appearance.

The UFO Sighting looked to be about 1000 feet away from me, about 60-70 feet long, about 10 feet wide, and about 500-600 feet up from the ground below. It's position was close to the horizon. I panicked. My first thought was oh my god! it's an airliner from San Francisco International Airport and it's heading right towards me and it's going to crash because it's way too low! then as I stared I realized it didn't have any wings or tail or cockpit. And it wasn't moving, just hanging still in the air. I couldn't believe I was seeing this. suddenly I felt a rush of fear with a strong feeling I was not safe. Yet this thing was so mesmerizing I couldn't take my eyes off it. I watched it for about 10-12 seconds before the nose turned slightly away from me more towards the northeast. Then in the blink of an eye it winked out and was gone. I looked around for other witnesses but the parking lot was deserted. I still felt fearful so I drove down the road a short distance to the busy 4-story senior facility and parked the car close to some people. I sat there for a while processing what I'd just seen, wondering if I'd had missing time I still don't know.

I decided I had to conquer my fear of this UFO Sighting so I walked over to a park bench to enjoy the view. No sooner did I sit down than I jumped up in terror something just didn't feel right and ran to the car. then the surgical center called me to pick up my sister. she was in a lot of pain so I didn't tell her about my experience, but did several days later. she wasn't surprised as she'd also seen UFOs, and during our father's lifetime he'd seen many. I remember one even landed in our back yard, smashing the grass down in a circle. That night I drew a picture of the UFO Sighting so I wouldn't forget the details. I don't know if it's related or not but since that day my health has worsened and nothing indicates why. I have a vague feeling that I may have been abducted. No memories of it, of course, just a feeling. This is the fifth UFO Sighting I've seen, this being the second cylinder shape I've seen.

I looked in the local newspaper and on next door to see if anyone else had seen the UFO, but no one reported it, and I didn't either. just for the record, I was a technical recruiter in silicon valley for 20 years, am creative, intelligent, of German decent, blue-eyed, and have negative o blood type, all of which are very similar to those of a group of experiencers who have reported UFO Alien abductions. I am an empath, play Celtic harp, paint in oils, cook gourmet, am a master quiltmaker, a cat whisperer, often have hummingbirds land on my head or hand while gardening, and I enjoy building exquisite lifelike 1:12 scale gnome houses out of found organic materials. I do not seek out these UFO encounters. They just happen to me, especially when I am feeling ill and exhausted. mufon cms# 116359 Mill Valley California 5/26/21 This Region has had 11,559 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No Photo or Video was submitted with report

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