Cigar Shaped UFO heading east above Amarillo Tx report

UFO Sighting report reads as follows. I was outside on the front porch of my sister's house late Friday early Saturday morning. The time was right at around 2:50 am. I decided to go to the side of the house to use the restroom instead of going inside because my mother's dog always barks when I pass her bedroom door which is next to the bathroom. When I was relieving myself, for some reason I looked up to my right and saw this huge UFO just slowly creeping along in the sky. All I could do at that moment was call out to my sister who had just started to head towards the ally on the opposite side of the house to get rid of the trash. I yelled her name and told her to look up. I turned around and was still able to see the UFO Sighting still heading east. When I started towards the front of the house, there is a small tree that I had to walk under that obscured my line of sight for just 3 seconds. When I had a clear view of the sky, the object had already moved away and I was unable to show my sister what I was yelling about. The UFO Sighting had a dull pinkish brownish color to it, which I believe was the reflection of the city lights reflecting off of it. It almost looked like a floating hot dog with some transparency. It was the most interesting thing I've ever seen. I'm still excited to have seen it, but at the same time, I was upset that my sister didn't. Another thing to add is that I was on the same side of the house as my mother's bedroom, and she heard me yell to my sister, which we found out the next morning while telling everyone as we sat at the kitchen table that morning. Her telling us this was like my confirmation that I did see something that night/morning. Mutual UFO Network cms# 118842 Amarillo Texas 10/23/21 UFO Report. This Region has had 6,461 Reported UAP/UFO Sightings to date.

Cigar Shape UFO with lights

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