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The True Story of the Return of the UFO Alien Cat People Video

UFO News: In 1956, ten-year-old Robert Hambly (alias) partaking in an evening of ice-skating with twelve different kids in a neighborhood park in the modest community of Havre, Montana. Looking at the sky they were astounded to see a few brilliant circles maneuvering across the sky. Robert had never…

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UFO Reported Mystery Continues During the Falcon 9 Launch Video

UFO News: MUFON reports an extraordinary UFO sighting encounter encompassing the as of late launch of the Falcon 9 Rocket on Jan 31st of this current year 2022. There were 20 MUFON cases with observers from 9 locations in different states all happening in a 2-hour time frame on January 31 from 6 pm …

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UFO files contained within Library and Archives Canada LAC

UFO News: Coming Soon. Since 1947, the reality of UFOs has been hotly debated by enthusiasts, zealots, debunkers, and scientists. Skeptics insist that people who report UFOs are either mistaken or liars, whereas many true believers are convinced that aliens are visiting Earth and interacting with it…

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Farmer Edwin Fuhr had an incredibly rare UFO Sighting experience

UFO News: As of 2022, it has been 48 years ago, when The Town of Langenburg became an international sensation!

On September 1st, 1974 former farmer Edwin Fuhr faced an incredibly rare UFO Sighting experience.

Around 10:30 a.m. then 36-year-old was swathing his fields when he saw five saucer-sh…

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The Mysterious Unexplained Captain Thomas Mantell UFO chase 1948

UFO News: Thomas Mantell was an experienced pilot his flight history consisted of 2,167 hours flying time and he had been honored for his part in the Battle of Normandy during World War II. On 7 January 1948 Godman Army Airfield at Fort Knox Kentucky received a UFO Sighting report from the Kentucky …

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The Westall UFO mass sighting covered up and never spoken about

UFO News: There are few credible mass UFO sightings on record. Typically, we are confronted by blurry images of lone photographers, or these days, an abundance of CGI attempting to fool us. But this story is a little bit different, as it occurred in the middle of the day and was witnessed by several…

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The True Story Behind The Alien Abduction Of Betty And Barney Hill

UFO News: Do you believe aliens exist? Do you know the origins of Alien Abduction stories and UFO sightings? Paranormal journalist and TV host Aaron Sagers Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught on Camera chats with UFO expert, and former federal agent, Ben Hansen for Den of Geek's paranormal pop cultu…

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Roswell UFO Death Bed Confession Reveals Amazing Incident Details

UFO News: Industrial technology classification table it details procedures for retrieval of crashed UFO saucers how to handle the organic matter and where to ship the bodies. The Blue Lab at Right Field in Ohio was the secret destination for some of this material. A young woman named June Crane work…

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Knowles Family encountered UFO Lifted Car Off Road at Night Video

UFO NEWS: Faye Knowles was traveling at night with her sons, Sean, Patrick, and Wayne, on a long-distance road trip, when suddenly their car became pursued and harassed by a strange and mysterious UFO light. The appearance and behavior of the UFO light would lead to the strongly held belief that its…

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Ex CIA Officer's UFO Sighting Encounter There is Another Reality

UFO News: The CIA and the UFO Sighting mystery have been linked since 1947. Since then, a number of CIA officials and former US military personnel have directly promoted UFOlogy by making surprising remarks. R. James Woolsey, Derrel Sims, Lue Elizondo, David Fravor, and other former CIA and US milit…

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Online Archive 1950 UFO Articles Publications Fantastic Universe

UFO News: While some ufologists have written about science fiction authors being dismissive of ufology (e.g. Stanton Friedman), in fact the relationship between science fiction publications/authors and ufology is more complicated. Some science fiction publications have published numerous UFO article…

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Brazilian Investigation into UFO Sightings and indigenous people

UFO News DAILY STAR, January 30, 2022.
Local police reports say UFOs fired laser beams at people that caused woman's miscarriage.
EXCLUSIVE UFO researcher Rony Vernet has revealed police documents released by a Freedom of Information request to Brazilian authorities claim UFO…

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Government Apparently Investigates UFO UAP Phenomena What is next?

“We’ve been following up on leads and field research in the last few years that have uncovered incredible discoveries on the UFO UAP phenomena. As the world is hearing official confirmation of the existence of UAPs that may be of extraterrestrial origin, we now have to ask the next question: how…

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Astronaut Gordon Cooper Spotted UFOs During Moon Flights

Edwards Air Force Base, California in 1957, Gordon Cooper was one of an elite band of test pilots at Edwards Air Force Base in California, in charge of several advanced projects, including the installation of a precision landing system.

“I had a camera crew filming the installation when they spot…

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Congressional Update on The UAP UFO Mandates

In Congress, the real UAP action now centers on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and on Nov. 4, 2021, there occurred what could prove to be a very important development.
You may recall that in September the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the NDAA (H.R. 4350…

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Royal Australian Air Force Declines Investigating UFO Sightings

"The Royal Australian Air Force chief says Australia has no plans to follow the Pentagon by formally investigating UFOs, insisting his pilots have not reported any Recent UFO Sightings of unexplained objects in the sky.

At a Senate estimates hearing, RAAF Chief Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld was qui…

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Germany UFO UAP research at the University of Wurzburg

UFO NEWS TODAY: There are things between heaven and earth that cannot be explained: extraterrestrials, UFOs, unknown celestial phenomena. But that doesn't mean that they don't exist. They get to the bottom of them at the University of Wurzburg.
At the latest when the Pentagon submitted i…

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Seeing is believing Riveting UFO Video Footage and Audio

UFO News Today: Link to Air to Air, the first episode. The video includes riveting footage and audio recorded by FedEx and former US Air Force Strato tanker pilot Erik Delgado and equally fascinating accounts by Matthew Roberts of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
Seeing is believing…

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Modern Day UFO Sightings No One Can Explain

UFO News Today: An article from News Week UFO Sightings no one can explain. Here are some of the weirdest UFO sightings, Kenneth Arnold Mount Rainier WA June 24th 1947, Lonnie Zamora April 24th 1964 Socorro NM from U.S. fighter pilots engaging with a super-speed, giant Tic Tac shaped aircraft in 200…

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What do Aliens and UFOs smell like?

Nearly every aspect of UFOs and extraterrestrials has been studied in detail. Investigators have researched cases involving landing traces, radar-returns, animal reactions, medical effects, electromagnetic effects, UFO propulsion, the list goes on and on! One aspect of Ufology that has been …

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