USAF UFO Report 1966 Submarine Shaped UFO with Aliens Oklahoma

During the 1950s and mid-60s, the United States Air Force-endorsed Project Blue Book explored huge number of UFO sightings. Some had clarifications, while others are as yet ready to be addressed. Three years prior a weird episode had occurred in Temple, Oklahoma. An observer to this case had a peculiar experience with what was described as a submarine-molded shaped craft, resting on an interstate close to his vehicle on March 23, 1966.

The Project Blue Book archived the case with the name "Temple, Oklahoma." According to the data given to the Project Blue Book, the spectator, whose name was altered by the USAF, drove over a little glade, and his vehicle's headlights enlightened an UFO in a field close to the street. As he moved toward it, there was a blaze of light over his vehicle and his headlights went out. Continue to read this amazing USAF UFO Report Here credit A.Asiryanc

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