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UFO News: In mid-December 2021, we spoke about a lady, Irma Rick, in the area of La Pampa in Argentina, who, after seeing a brilliant UFO light external to her home, abruptly found herself the following morning right around 65 km (40 miles) away sitting out and about in the town of Guatraché Argentina without any memory of how she arrived. A large portion of us here in the United States got the report from INEXPLICATA-The Journal of Hispanic UFO-logy. A new post on the site on February 6 2022 recounts one more report out of La Pampa that is comparably bizarre.

The sources are recorded as Luis Burgos and the internet-based La Pampa news distribution InfoHuella. InfoHuella posted an article and a subsequent covering the story. On February 4, 2022, a couple and their grown-up child were going by a truck coming back to the town of Victoria. They were crossing the line between the La Pampa region and the San Luis region toward the east. As they passed under an overpass they saw "many UFO lights." According to one of the observers, "When we saw the UFO lights, the main thing we contemplated was whether it had to do with Victorica Agricultural School being illuminated. We then understood this couldn't be the situation, as we were far away." Before they could sort out the thing they were seeing, they ended up entering the town of Victorica, 26 kilometers from where they were a second prior. Their GPS demonstrated that they were in their previous position however at that point "focused out" inside a couple of square blocks. Read more → https://podcastufo.com/blog-ufos-and-...

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