UFO Sighting Contact Over Cairns Queensland Australia

This UFO News report came about after a independent research into the whole UFO/ce5 phenomena. inspired by the films and work of Dr. Steven Greer, as well as a deep-seated interest in ufology, I set out to create my own contact group (cairns ce5 contact team) and practice using the 'contact protocols' by myself to see if I could elicit any kind of  UFO Sighting response. and I was not disappointed. the bottom line is, ladies and gentlemen, that the ce5 contact protocols work. and I have personally witnessed many strange and unusual phenomena over the skies of far north Queensland - currently numbering well in excess of 100 UFO sightings. when i realized that this was a repeatable phenomena, I started documenting them. This UFO Sighting report aims to deliver my findings over the course of the following four chapters: 1) the origins of my interest in the UFO Sighting subject including my father's first official 1977 UFO Sighting account. 2) major sightings recorded during the UFO flap of mid-to-late 2020' here in Cairns, nth qld 3) the first successful group ce5 event including eyewitness accounts given by members 4) a philosophical paper that explores reality, the 'renaissance of belief' and the probability of contact. thank you for supporting independent UFO research & disclosure. contact has begun. mufon cms# 113973 Cairns Queensland Australia 6-01-20 Region has had 192 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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