UFO Encounter US warship chased by 2 car-sized balls of light 2021

Undeniably more UFO/UAP have been encountered by the Naval US military than is freely known. The most recent episode has been currently announced by US narrative producer Dave Beaty. It happened as of late  2021 and was accounted for to him by two US maritime officials. U.S Navy USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) an 843-foot-long Wasp-class land and/or water capable vehicle dock transport. In late 2021, the warship was in the Naval Operations Area off the U.S. East Coast. The warship was near where the USS Roosevelt UAP occurrence happened in 2015. Two officials out of nowhere sighted two glowing balls of light overhead following the ship. Dave Beaty is a narrative producer and UFO Investigator. March 2022, he was reached out by two maritime officials who informed him concerning the UFO Sighting case. The New York Post and other significant US media additionally reported the UFO case.  This is an excerpt from the latest show ERSTKONTAKT #25. The complete show is available exclusively on  website ExoMagazin.tv  https://www.exomagazin.tv/das-raetsel...

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