The Melbourne Australia April 1966 UFO Encounter Government Coverup

Today let us look back on this electrifying case of an government administration concealment of Australia's greatest UFO secret. As far as we know about the latest information on this case is that a Melbourne teacher who was present during the encounter has ended his silence and has claimed that several high ranking military officials approached him and warned him of speaking about the incident. Further more he says that the US President's office sent a group to examine The Westall UFO occurrence of April 6, 1966. This case is viewed as Australia's most noteworthy secret ever recorded. Around 200 observers saw a 'flying saucer' drift over Westall school. Very soon after the sighting Educator Andrew Greenwood asserted the military showed up at the school. After fourteen days Australian government authorities showed up at his home questioning him and eventually  warning him of ever speaking of this encounter. Mr. Greenwood also said that an American government official talked with him.

Westall Melbourne UFO encounter april1966

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