The ADAM Research Project Investigating UFO UAP Phenomena Video

UFO News: The ADAM Research Project, an abbreviation for Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials, will zero in on the assortment and logical assessment of material examples acquired through solid reports of cutting-edge atmospheric vehicles of obscure origin.

Now and again, different sources have gathered material to have come from alleged aviation vehicles of unknown origin (prevalently known as UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - or UFOs.) Those sources incorporate civilians, aviation investigatory panels, aviation administrators, and government associations. As these materials have become accessible for investigation. Given the likely meaning of such discoveries, The Stars Academy has made it a Tier-1 need to utilize its assets to expose these materials to testing and thorough logical scientific assessment at whatever point is achievable. When TTS Academy is informed that materials are accessible, an intensive exertion will be made to report their origins and believability, trailed by the foundation of chain-of-authority methods and possession conventions. As well as auditing the materials for their possible importance as proof of off-planet origins, the examination will assess materials for such attributes as strength, lightweight form, and any surprising progressed properties that conceivably could add to the improvement of invigorating new advances from now on. As an initial step, TTS Academy has laid out an agreement with Earth-Tech International, Inc., ( an all-around highly regarded research facility in Austin, Texas, to assess the properties of the accessible materials. Under the administration of Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, a previous Senior Advisor and Subcontractor to the Pentagon's AATIP program (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) presently VP of Technology for TTS Academy, Earth-Tech is very much situated to head up this materials research planVisit to learn more and get involved. 

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