Taken Aboard a UFO and Turned Into a Mutant Audio Blog

Within the thousands of UFO Sighting encounter reports, there are normal components that give one a feeling of the idea of the commonality of this subject. Nonetheless, there are a few UFO reports that contain components that are exceptional to a point that a trained eye investigator may not be willing to excuse them. The instance of the case of Herbirito Garza is one.

Garza's UFO encounter case was expounded on by Scott Corrales in his article Abductions The Crucible of Nightmares," distributed in the May 2000 issue of Fate magazine (See page 5). As per Corrales, the case was explored in 1972 by Jorge Reichert, Salvador Freixedo, and Ian Norris. Garza, a Mexican earthenware production professional who lived in the city of Puebla, professed to have been visited by an outsider "Alien" from the planet Auko and taken on board a spaceship. As per him, he had quite recently gotten into bed when he heard a clamor in the front room. Thinking somebody had broken in, he went to examine. He happened upon a "person" that was more than two meters tall with a recognized, nearly female-looking face. Read more → https://podcastufo.com/taken-aboard-a...

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