Navy UFO Sightings Video's Revisited

UFO News Today: In this video their are military disclosure implications to the fact that the Pentagon has officially released three videos of UFO Sightings (or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena APs as they prefer to call them) recorded aboard US Navy aircraft in 2004 and 2015. The US Navy had already confirmed that the videos were genuine in September last year, but now that they have officially released them it should clear up any doubt in the minds of all but the most paranoid or skeptical that these are what they appear to be the astonishing infrared footage of unidentified flying objects. In a statement that accompanied the official release the Pentagon expressed the intention to, “clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the videos". If you've never seen these UFO videos you'll see them in the video below. The first one (GIMBAL) was recorded in 2004. The voices you can hear are those of Cmdr David Fravor and Lt Cmdr Jim Slaight. The next two videos were recorded in 2014 and 2015. This first video is known as FLIR and there is no sound or commentary. The third video is GO-FAST and you can hear the exclamation as the pilot manages to get a lock on to track the UFO Sighting. So much has been written about these videos since they first surfaced a few years ago that it seems unlikely that there is anything new to say. They originally came to the public’s attention having been released to the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences. If you're unfamiliar with the saga so far then the best place to start is at the beginning by listening to the accounts of people who were present at the time. To that end I recommend the interview with Commander David Fravor on the Joe Rogan Experience, show number 1361 - In the studio that day additional comment was supplied by Jeremy Corbell, producer of the film about Bob Lazar, another intriguing story worthy of further investigation. During the interview Commander Fravor explains his background and experience and then proceeds to give his account in a sober and professional manner. Listening to him, my gut feeling is that he's telling his story with no hidden agenda and because he believes the time has arrived for the public to be fully briefed on what occurred. At the time of making this video the world's news is dominated by the Coronavirus pandemic, so slipping this official release under the radar (if you'll excuse the pun) might be another way of diffusing the impact. What we have here, and you'll appreciate the significance if you note Commander Fravor's words, are expert eye witness testimonies corroborated with infrared video footage of UFOs. It's the proof that so many have asked for and without which they have dismissed similar accounts of UFO sightings as missed identification by the ignorant, the wild-eyed ramblings of the deluded, or mischievous inventions by attention seeking trolls. (ERROR:  I may have wrongly attributed the dates of the videos Ben Lovegrove) see also Navy UFO raw footage

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