Entered Yellow Fog Missing Time Mount Cahuilla CA

Spring of 1956  after driving south on highway 79, I turned west on road 371 towards Anza CA. A top of the first hill I was surrounded in a soft yellow light; not unlike driving into a fog and cannot see anything except the yellow light. The next thing that happened the light disappeared and I was parked at a stop sign at a intersection of old highway 395 and highway 79 in Temecula CA. The distance from where I entered the yellow light and Temecula is 38 miles. Approximately an hour drive in 1956. I have no idea what happened in that period of time and travel. What is interesting later in my life I learned that just west of Anza is located Mount Cahuilla, about a mile north of the route that you travel. Been told that it is one of the so-called hot spots for UFO Sightings in Southern California. Also, the local tribal folks tell Mount Cahuilla is sacred, where the so-called sky people live. Now you have another story to consider. Also, I am a rock art researcher with many more stories. mufon cms# 115210 California 5/01/56 Local Area Has Had 788 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here for more updated UFO News & more.

Mount Cahuilla CA UFO Missing time

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