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UFO News: A gathering of researchers and technologists accept they're as of now in touch with different universes, claims Dr. Diana Pasulka in her new book destined to be distributed and temporarily named Tether Into Contact.
On That UFO Podcast Diana said: A portion of individuals I highlight in this new book are individuals who use innovation to tie into contact and she compared it to the Avatar film where you can't go into an Alien universe without the use of Technology.


Diana clarified: There are different dimensions space-time it's another aspect of dimensionality so individuals that I'm working with now, they're technologists and researchers and they trust they're in touch and they're doing this through advances that they've made to tie into those different universes. So assuming we have some sort of discussion I accept totally it will be through innovation.

Different subjects she investigated in the webcast included cognizance consciousness.
She said I don't believe we're near the very edge of getting awareness it's excessively odd for us to sort out. Yet, I in all actuality do think this is beginning for getting to understand UAPs and UFOs.
On Chris Bledsoe and his encounters, she said: "I think his case is something paradigmatic as far as what ends up individuals who have these encounters and afterward special intel. offices simply wreck everything. It's sort of awful.
On Jacques Vallee, she said: Jacques terrified me a great deal. He told me There are a few extremely terrible individuals in this field. Watch out. Have zero faith in anyone. This Article has been edited. credit David Haith.

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