Brief Cultural History on UFO Sightings

PBS A brief cultural history of UFOs & UFO Sightings, from secret Soviet weapons to alien visitors
By Greg Eghigian, The Conversation July 8, 2021 12:10 PM EDT
On June 25, 2021, the U.S. government released a nine page preliminary report on UFOs, or, as it is now calling them, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs. The Pentagon UAP report is the latest notable event in what has been a renaissance for UFOs in recent years.
Greg Eghigian is a historian of science at Penn State who has published research and is writing a book on the history of UFOs in the U.S. He spoke to the hosts of The Conversation Weekly podcast the day before the new report came out to better understand the cultural history of UFO Sightings in the U.S.  credit R.Neumann

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