A Fascinating Australian radar/visual UFO sighting report reviewed

One of the most captivating and dubious Australian radar/visual UFO Sighting reports which happened on August 31, 1954. This enamoring story was spilled to the media in December 1954 and stood apart as genuinely newsworthy across Australia.

The episode included a youthful maritime pilot, Lt. Shamus O'Farrell, 25 years of age at that point, who was getting back to the Royal Australian Naval Air Station Nowra in New South Wales, following a solitary night mission in a Sea Fury airplane. In the wake of reaching Nowra at roughly 1910hrs, O'Farrell noticed an extremely luminous light at 1 o'clock, which crossed before his airplane, moving to his port side, where it seemed to circle. A second comparative light was seen at his 9 o'clock position. It passed at roughly 2.5km before his airplane and afterward turned in the position where the main light was noticed.

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