An Air Force F-94 Jet Crashed When Encountered UFO 1954 New York

UFO Sightings have been reported for decades. Here we have a report dating back to July 1, 1954. A Unidentified Flying Object was recognized on radar close to Rome, New York. An Air Force F-94 was dispatched from Griffis AFB to investigate and report its findings. Covering the area around where the UFO was located over Rome NY the pilot sighted the alleged UFO being in the shape of a circular-shaped object close to the town of Wellsville. To the pilot's surprise, the cockpit of the plane became unexpectedly heated. The cockpit became so unbearable due to the heat both the pilot and the radar operator ejected themselves from their plane. As they watched their jet descend it crashes in Wakesville killing four individuals on the ground. This particular case has been referred to by scholars as proof of conceivable aggression concerning UFOs from that point onward. credit Rick Hilberg.

Lockheed_YF-97_Starfire_UFO Encounter.jpg

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