Amazing Discovery 4 Mile UFO At Bottom Of Ocean Google Earth Map

Presently a UFO is resting at 4.35 miles on the lower part of the sea. It's close to an exceptionally puzzling location Nazca, Peru renowned for the monster drawings in the soil that are many miles long. Those Nazca lines would be drawings to welcome the divine beings. In those days such flying machines "UFOs" in the sky could undoubtedly be confused with divine beings. The two are associated. This peculiar roundabout shape is additionally the right size and shape to be the lost city of Atlantis, which could be accepted to be an "UFO" space craft that was drifting on the sea, then submerged to where it is found today.

Assuming you take a close look at the 5 mile UFO, you will see a vault structure at it's center which is higher than the remainder of the structure. That being a well known shape of a saucer craft.

This structure at the lower part of the sea is 100 percent confirmation of aliens and machines resting on lower part of the sea. Date of discovery: March 2022 Location of discovery: Ocean, Near Nazca, Peru Map location: 14°12'19.96"S 81°35'59.96"W credit Scott C. Waring - Taiwan/ This Article has been edited for SEO purposes.

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