A Scientific Investigative Approach UFO UAP Sightings Down Under

Today we have a gentleman named Eugene Herrera, from Minto, Australia. The story behind Eugene is that he has been grazing out into the heavens routinely throughout most of his life and witnessing strange abnormal peculiarities going on in the atmosphere for years. Eugene has become convinced that something strange is out there. Eugene witnessed his first UAP UFO (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) in 1986 in Campbelltown Australia when he was 19. He strikingly recollects that a UAP/UFO was flying and afterward out of nowhere headed on a different path.

Eugene is generally an intelligent scholar and he felt many individuals had predispositions about those with an interest in UFOs and that they couldn't possibly be more off-base. He attempts to investigate this phenomenon with a scientific approach. Link To A Scientific Investigative  Approach UFO UAP Sightings Down Under 

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