UFO News Video Mysterious Book of Earth's Extraterrestrials

Robert and Amber became acquainted with each other in 2016 as Robert was out traveling in Australia. Amber retold a story from her experience as a 12-year-old child, while living in New Zealand. She ended up gathering a man who showed her an interesting book, a book he had from the Waihopai Station Secure Communication Facility (a 'military government specialist base'). This book had inside its pages information and pictures of extraterrestrial craftsmanship, as well as drawings of various extraterrestrials. Ms. Soul was told to shield the book and she chose over 25 years afterward, to bestow the substance of it to Rob.

Dr. Jan Pajak - UFO-nauts: A tremendous piece of Dr. Jan Pajak's dispersions are devoted to a dreaded motivated idea, according to which the Earth has been under surveillance for an extensive period of time by extraterrestrials, who he insinuates as UFO-nauts. Speculation or plan? The Secret UFO Engineering Book Video Link Here: https://youtu.be/dD6Lmo6Mz6o

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