Why U.S. Government Secretive over UFO Phenomena

The Government's Assessment though they won't admit it is that the UFO Sightings are popping up near the aircraft carriers due to those carriers being nuclear-powered. Note also that UFO Sightings also like to pop up near nuclear submarines and Air Force nuclear weapons bases. Now recognize that this paradigm has been occurring since the Second World War Manhattan Project operations at Los Alamos, and also at nuclear sites in the Soviet Union and Russia. Oh, and as Robert Hastings documents, these UFO Sightings have sometimes even temporarily shut down U.S. nuclear weapons systems. Interesting, right? Now recall what I just said: the modern UFO phenomena really gets going at exactly the same time as the Manhattan Project? Could humanity's perfection of nuclear energy piqued someone or something's curiosity in us? Why U.S. Government Secretive over UFO Phenomena WASHINGTON EXAMINER, December 17, 2019.

UFO Sighting Cover-up

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