UFO Sightings Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness

Enrique Villanueva is from Peru where he had his first sighting at the age of seven. Peru is known as a hot spot for UFO sightings where they can be seen frequently. Several years later he joined a group called Rahma or Rama, which was an organization founded by Sixto Paz Wells in the 1970's, who had also experienced many UFO sightings as a boy. One day, Sixto decided to contact these "Alien" beings, whoever they were.

What came about would astonish you. They reached a being through automatic writing who claimed to be from one of the moons of Jupiter. He gave his name and a brief statement like "this is the start of our communication." Sixto shared his experience with his neighbors and the group began to have more dialog with this being which eventually led to a physical sighting by the group. Naturally there was a lot of skepticism until J.J. Benitez, a popular journalist from a Spanish magazine, came to visit.

He expected to find delinquent youths on drugs, but instead found himself experiencing a close encounter of the first kind. Word spread and the groups got larger along with the experiences. The Rahma organization was formed with the mission of bridging extra-terrestrial civilizations with human beings in the best interest for the planet and humanity.


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