UFO Orb Physical Contact on Video

Physical Contact is spirit manifesting visibly upon request by an “agent” Someone who takes an active role to produce a specific effect, often referred to as a medium or conduit for spirit The most common physical spirit manifestation is an orb. It will be seen as a spherical ball of light with varied & brilliant colors. Visible physical manifestation from spirit can also reveal their presence in other shapes & sizes referred to as a light anomaly.

What is unique about what we do is show you not only that it is possible to see your loved one in spirit form, but also show you that it will manifest & move suggesting intelligence. It is also their goal to convince & console. The video below is a physical contact with several different clients asking me to contact a deceased loved one. These manifestations come in different sizes & shapes. This video shows several examples on how I make contact. (WEAR HEADPHONES)  https://www.youtube.com/embed/AfB-FfOhzG0?rel=0

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