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UFO News Today: When All Else Fails Explain a UFO As the Star Capella The first strong Project Blue Book UFO case in the year 1956 occurred on May 6 near Oklahoma City and was reported by three highly intelligent witnesses. The USAF explained the UFO Sightings as the star Capella. (They would have used Venus but it wasn't in the sky that night.) The reader can decide on the level of intelligence used to come up with the Capella explanation. The first witness had a BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT. Let's see if his statements recorded by Project Blue Book match up with a star. The MIT engineer viewed the object through 6 x 30 binoculars. "Brightness of the UFO was comparable to automobile headlights at two city blocks away." "UFO Sighting was described as stationary in the sky for a few minutes, then darting rapidly in a northeasterly direction. This type of movement was repeated forming a zig-zag pattern. The object was first seen at 295 degrees from true north and a 45 degree elevation." (Note: Capella was at 319 degrees from true north and a 11 degree elevation. Its brightness does not compare to a headlight and of course it doesn't move rapidly from the NW to the NE.) A copy of the engineer's drawing of the UFO is attached. The second witness was a physician with four years of service in the Air Force who viewed the UFO through 9 x 35 binoculars. Among the statements attributed to him: "Its brightness was like an auto headlight three blocks away. It resembled a round saucer suspended in the air. and "UFO Sighting traveled from 340 to 350 degrees laterally and from 20 to 0 degrees vertically." The third witness was a businessman with a liberal arts degree and viewed the UFO Sighting through 6 x 30 binoculars. Among the BB notes on his statements: It was shaped liked a bowl and rimmed with lights. Comparable to an auto headlight a city block away and appeared to move in a somewhat erratic manner similar to an aircraft in rough air." Interestingly, the Blue Book report stated, "The movement of the object described does not fit the normal pattern of aircraft movement in flight. Strange. The AF concludes the UFOs "movement" doesn't match that of an aircraft but its zig-zag movement" apparently matches that of a star! credit Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies.

UFO Sighting As the Star Capella Project Blue Book

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