Massive trove of Government UFO Sightings reports uncovered

UFO News Today: "The UFO in the shape of a Saucer was so hot that it burned through his gloves when he touched it, the story goes." "UFO Sighting reportedly took place on May 20, 1967, when industrial mechanic Stefan Michalak was prospecting in the wilderness for quartz and silver and was startled by a gaggle of geese that seemed agitated by something nearby. Michalak looked up and had a UFO Sighting which was described as two cigar-shaped objects hovering about 150 feet away; one of these UFOs descended and landed, while the other flew off. He then sketched the one UFO that had landed and decided to approach about 30 minutes later, noticing the smell of sulfur as he approached."

cigar-shaped objects hovering about 150 feet

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