Strange Shapeshift Aliens Louisiana Wildlife Reserve

UFO Alien News: Every night for the past two years I have been noticing less deer and all-around wildlife in the hunting reserve 5 miles from my house is at least 7 thousand acres and more family woods surrounding the area that accounts for about 20 square miles of densely pact woods full of palmettos, large oak, cypress, pecan, and numerous other forms of trees. the wildlife reserve is called Thistlewhate wildlife reserve to be exact and area of dense wood around there. I found it strange that I was hearing only one to two shots a month for the time frame of about 2 years ago till present day there is no shooting at all from hunters when previous 20 years living next to it and hunting personally it always sounded like a war zone during hunting hours. No longer the case now. I witness all wildlife running out of the area and will not return into woods for safety. They now prefer to stand in large open unplanted farming fields day and knight. Around 2 years ago, I started witnessing strange blinking light above the tree line when dark came and assumed it was some drones that the game wardens were starting to use to keep poachers from hunting at night. After seeing this for a couple of weeks in a row, it dawned on me that they were not making any sound at all and could stay in flight for 10 hours or more. Then on brightly lit cloudless nights you could make out spots close to your position but slightly altered as if you were looking at something possible cloaked, but still cast a shadow on the ground from the moon when it was bright. Within a month of this I, multiple friends, and my son counted at least a hundred above us on certain occasions when would light a campfire and do night fishing in the bayou. After half a year of this happening, Blackhawk helicopters would enter reserve around 2 or 3 in the morning for about 3 weeks straight and proceed to have machine guns blazing the entire time this happened. About 6 months later when hunting season started again, I made my first-afternoon hunt, which would turn out to be my last after that night's experiences. As I was coming down tree in the climbing stand, which makes a godly amount of noise and makes every anime with a 500-yard radius disappear from you, but not this time. As I put my feet on the ground, I could hear what sounded like footsteps timed with mine about 20 feet away from me. As I moved it moved, but I could not see it with the headlight and 1200 lumine flashlight in hand I then started to head to my vehicle which was bout a mile away through thick woods, look at on maps and you will see terrain I'm working with. As this mimicking is directly behind me, for the first 200 hundred yards I was becoming quite anxious, but what put me in full fright mode was when 1 follower turned to 2 and they were at a 90-degree angle roughly 15 to 20 feet behind me, stepping and stopping and starting all in sync with me without being able to see them with the light I had which combined were brighter than car headlight on bright. I took off running when I heard them starting to verbally communicate between themselves with what seemed to light a highly advanced insect language and then realized there was a glowing orb emitting soft white light for about a 50 yards radius, dropping everything besides pistol, and lights. luckily I was about 400 hundred yards from the opening where my vehicle was in a lighted area next to light poll and they did not come into the open lighted area. My friend's property butts up to this reserve and I would go visit his family with mine and build fire and cook meals outdoor in the fire. every time I was there, I would see glowing orbs, blasting through the trees at least 100 plus mph inside of woods. then one night while watching one light up and dim, I heard footsteps in the swamp that is behind his house and I saw a beam straight to where I was sure it was coming from. I was right, what I saw was an Alien humanoid not from here about 8 plus feet tall with silver reflective skin that shined like the stripes on firefighters and police officers have on their uniform, with eyes about 4 inched round that was deep blue almost purple in hue. It stayed there for an hour or so and then daylight was approaching, and it ran splashing through the swamp and low land at an incredible rate with the orb above it illuminating his way while almost cloaking him at the same time. once the sun came up, I went straight to the tree where it was standing and tried to find some type of footprints, but nothing. after staring at the ground for was probably 30 minutes straight to find a pattern or difference, I did. a milky white discharge every 7 to 8 feet and it left an oil sheen on water like if you mixed them yourself but it would disappear in less than two minutes all kind of lights and orbs have been flying around the are for the time since then, but tonight this afternoon 20 minute after complete dark, about 3/4 of a mile across a field of grass two sets of three light in a row left to right with another set of light on top of another row of lights were heading straight in our way. after they moved to us about 100 yards, they separated into what we thought were individual tucks coming from the house back there all at the same time, which would be puzzling anyway, without making any sound. my friend started to freak out because he just witnessed what I have been seeing for years happen for the first time night before today. I thought we were going to make a full introduction to what was on this ship, but like I said the pairs of light separated and for a line when they got on gravel road less than 400 yards away from us now. One set took off up instantly, and the 3 other sets turned into full-size 18 wheelers, trucks, and cabs, each one matching the other exactly, but without any engine noise, or sound from gravel under tires. they got to the end of gravel road and turned towards town and immediately sounded real. minutes later, a helicopter passed less than 20 feet over our head without making any sound and was approximately 4 feet in width, and not made like and whirlybird I've seen, week to where other light started and turned into 2 sets of light and blasted off. So much more to say. Got video, witnesses of all ages and gender, and races. But no one wants to look up and admit what is taking over this area with free reign at night and military flies around daily with Blackhawks, ac 130s, and fighter jets please contact me. This is 100% real and legit. you need to come here, I could be right for days telling you all I see and find out. I had a conversation with a glowing orb outside my driveway which was no more than 10 feet away and my grandmother standing next to me. I wish them no harm, I just would like to understand them and learn from them. they now come to my house every night and let it be known they are outside. I have data on thumb drives because I learned the hard way that they can hack phones and erase all files on them immediately. I have it and so do others, but don't want another phone bricked up again, so come over, call, email, see for yourself. It's a shame mainstream media covers it up so much when it should be the most important thing. mufon cms# 120327 Washington Louisiana U.S 01/14/22.

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