The Best UFO Sightings Case Reports Ever on Video Full Documentary

Over the years there have been a rising number of UFO Sightings cases being  reported  by common people everywhere. Cell Phones are currently catching many these bewildering UFOs which puzzle both the people who accept them as being craft from other dimensions and the individuals who don't believe.…

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The Interview Fully Conscious UFO Alien Abductee Part One

Fully conscious UFO Abductee recalls her experience on the night of January night 1973. Dolly Safran was at the time only fourteen years old and lived close to the Everglades in Florida. Having looked through her window she notice with amazement an excess of fifty star-like objects amassing above. T…

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Welcome to New York UFO. We strive to be an Excellent Source of Updated Information and Commentary on UFO Sightings UFO News Being Reported Locally and Worldwide.

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